Football airdomes

  • Football airdomes, owing to their considerable dimensions, constitute the largest standard type of inflatable air dome and their technological demands will test the abilities of every air dome manufacturer. But if you'll choose us, there is nothing to worry about!

    Although all air domes might look the same to the casual observer, in reality, each and every one of them is unique. All air domes we produce are designed with the help of a specialized software, which, after taking an input of several dozens data parameters, computes the plan of the air dome manufacturing process, thus minimising the possibility of errors. The program takes every single detail into account – beside the basic dimensions, it is possible to define the arc of curvature of the air dome, the distance and positioning of the anchoring elements, the placement of lighting and many other parameters.

    During the manufacturing process itself, there are several other control mechanisms ensuring that the air dome production continues in accordance with the production plan.

    Did you know that during the manufacture of the football air dome:
    • the total length of the steel cable necessary to build steel-rope net may exceed 10 kilometres?
    • during the joining of the steel net, more than 4500 metal joints are utilised?
    • the total weight of the main cover may exceed 4 tonnes?

    Despite the impressive dimensions, the air dome is constructed in such a way so the assembly and disassembly of the hall takes just one day – that is why your football pitch is closed only two days during the whole year.