Multipurpose airdomes

  • Multipurpose air domes are ideal solutions for municipalities wishing to support a healthy lifestyle of its citizens or schools aiming to improve the training and entertainment possibilities of its students. The ability to accommodate mutiple activities under one roof can become an essential advantage during the decisionmaking process about the whole investment, because it greatly increases the total net effect per unit of funds invested. For municipalities and schools, the construction of this type of air dome can often be subsidised from a number of financial aid programs.

    Concerning the technical side, this type of air dome is quite similar to tennis air dome with perhaps the only difference of having a slightly higher ceiling, if required. As the name suggests, multipurpose air domes are built to accommodate multiple sports. As an example, a combined area for three tennis courts, two basketball courts and a football pitch can be fitted inside an air dome of dimensions 36 x 54 meters.

    Again, the lack of "dead space" in our air domes optimises the use of available area and greatly increases the comfort of the players.

    Installation of our air dome will put life into each pitch hiding under the snow in winter season. Poly-Slovakia is able to roof any existing field as well as execute the whole investment, including the suitable surface.