Other uses of airdomes

  • Although we have already described the most popular usages of our air domes, there is still a plenty of possibilities you can get yourself inspired with. We can roof practically any surface, be it an open swimming pool, an ice rink, beach volleyball or other use.

    For companies, there exists an interesting possibility of roofing their stocks, which may be adversely afflicted during the winter season, therefore creating a temporary warehouse. We have also realized the covering of a building site with a dire dead line, meeting of which was prevented by hostile weather conditions. If you are struggling with a similar problem, you can call us, we might have a solution for you.

    As an investment opportunity, a project of roofed golf driving range may be feasible in your area. Despite the great advancements and possibilities of modern golf simulators, the plain fact remains that nothing can simulate a feeling of hitting the real golf ball. Considering the sky-high price of quality golf simulators and the very limited use they offer – only one person at a time – a roofed driving range seems to be a better and more attractive solution both for the investor and the customer.