Tennis airdomes

    • Tennis dome is a classic among the various air dome types and you can find dozens of them produced by our company throughout the whole Europe. The possibility of playing tennis during the winter season is very attractive for great many players and every year, more and more tennis clubs or hotels decide to invest their funds into this exact type of air dome.

      The process of customisation of the air dome to your specific tennis courts and location is usually problem-free. Whether your tennis courts are situated in the centre of the city, in confined spaces or they exhibit an unusual positioning of the courts, or other limitations exist, it is possible, in general, to design the air dome in a way that overcomes these limitations and makes it possible to erect the air dome in your desired location. Compared to certain competing air domes, our air domes feature a steep rising angle of the wall, which completely resolves the problem of the "dead space" and the necessity to artificially enlarge the outer dimensions of the air domes (due to their unsuitable design) in order to expand the inner useful space.